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Formed in 1989, Maui Flower Growers' Association (MFGA) is a nonprofit organization working to increase Maui County flower growers' share of the US wholesale and retail markets through marketing and promotional programs which brand Maui flowers as unique, exotic and exclusively Maui's. MFGA membership includes both small and large flower businesses based in Maui's rural areas of Hana or Kula.

Growing and shipping a wide variety of premium Maui-grown tropical, protea and orchid flowers, plants and foliages, MFGA members are committed to providing you the very best flowers Maui has to offer.

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Congratulations to last quarters Maui Flower Gift Box Contest winner, Mark Erickson from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: "THANKS to Maui Flower Growers Association for the beautiful box of assorted tropical flowers! How can you not be thrilled with the likes of protea, heliconia, ginger, plus everything else. I'm going to share some blooms with people that have admired them, sort of spreading the wealth. Thank you again for the surprise of winning and the joy of receiving!"
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Simple Pleasures, Nature's Treasures:

Maui's Exotic Summer Flowers

A partnership of earth and sky, as the trade winds sail across the Valley Isle, cooling the temperature, releasing the rain, fluffy cumulus clouds fill the sky and fancy tropical flowers fill the forest.

During late summer, tropical flowers throughout Maui's windward jungle savor the trade wind-showers. Rising from the fertile forest floor in shades of yellow, orange, green and red, gingers, heliconias and orchids sip on Nature's cocktail of rainwater infused with sunshine.

A gift box of these Maui-grown beauties serves up an intoxicating elixir that will stir your imagination, shake your perspective and send you, if only temporarily, to this tropical oasis in the middle of the Pacific.

So let us help you redirect your thoughts to Maui's white sand beaches where you bury your toes, to Maui's crystal blue water where you relax you body and to Maui's flower-filled landscape where you calm your mind.

Opening a box full of Maui-grown flowers will remind you of life's simple pleasures, and Nature's amazing treasures.

Maui's flower farms are found in the jungle pockets of East Maui and on the wide-open slopes of Upcountry. Visiting a flower farm is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Maui locals and see how their gardens grow.

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Comments from our happy customers...

"We received our order from Maui Flower Growers Association and my family and I could not have been happier. The flowers were more beautiful than expected. Many thanks and rest assured you have a life long customer." Tom Ferguson, Nolanville, Texas

"Want to make someone very happy in your life? MFGA is the place to go, they are always 'Johnny on the Spot' and they along with their growers know just how to bring the Aloha sprit to any occasion! God bless each and every one of you and thank you for everything!! Aloha and Warm Blue Sky's." Glenn Kin, Irrigon, Oregon

"The protea basket I sent to my sister as a holiday "thank you" was received in flawless condition and was absolutely stunning! Individually each flower is a work of art and in an arrangement they combine to transport the lucky recipient to an island in paradise! I was a little nervous placing the order at what seemed to me to be last minute, but it went through without a hitch. Thank you MFGA for making my "thank you" so special!" Marion Ess Bereiter, Port Orchard, Washington